Where I am From


I am from canvas, poles pitched up beneath the universal wonders. I am from the grains of sand, as my toes gripped tenaciously to the artifacts of nature. I am from the gypsy lands of the Basque, a walk away from civilization into my own sacred dreams.


I am from spilt resin, fiberglass and foam, from the docks of alternative lovers. I’m from the pretentious; a town’s mist of greed once loved, nurtured and cared for. I’m from a body of atoms, connectivity in a spiritual essence, peaceful, grounded and diverse.


I’m from a soul mixed of fire and water, red dirt turning to ochre. From the tastes of culture, an almond like ‘witjuti’ grub, cooked in hot ashes.


With my shoes left behind, soul in tact, a connection with the unknown becomes present. I am from these moments that dwindle the fear and prosper to create an enhanced life- Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


-Beau Devonshire
Livet Leker.


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2 Responses to Where I am From

  1. Val Cook says:

    thanks for sharing.
    We’re enjoying Mexico for you.
    Lekker lekker

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