The Souls Contemporaneous with the Iris

Katie Sudek- IrisIntentionally, or non intentionally we scan the eyes as we connect with those around us, perstistantly staring into ones iris constructing our present feelings. Whether it be basking in romance gazing into a lovers universe, or the positioning of a strangers pupils against the backdrop of colouration, the steady however ambiguous reality with the intention of being present, draws on why I am writing a blog titled, ‘The Souls Contemporaneous with the Iris’.


Having started this blog two years go, after completing a four month journey around India, I wondered why at this point of time I wish to complete what I have started. Two years ago, I remember asking my own soul, “What would it be like to abandon the eyes that sometimes misled me into irrational thought and afflictive emotions?” With my eyes closed, the answer I felt was the warmth of the Sahara’s sands, scratching the love from the physical realm I perceived as knowing. As this burning sensation buried deeper, I felt the pain that recollected in my heart from a persistent dream that spoke the truth about human existence or nature itself. My eyes were the souls of an astral counterpart that ascribed me to euphonies that called for help. Its only now, that I stand awakened with the grounding back on earth that brings courage in myself to intentionally look at someone that seeks desperately with their eyes for a better life. It does not seem safe to say that desperation in the eyes of another is nothing. Only scratching the surface of equality and equity with what ones pupils may see amongst living societies and cultures, corresponds to the built feelings of abandoning the souls purpose in the physical realm. For this, I felt the pain and struggles of those unfortunate enough to scurry around hourly amongst inadequate slums for food, shelter and water, the combination coinciding with Abraham Maslow’s theory of basic needs for survival. It showed in the way they looked at your soul through the iris, that both are contemporaneous with the marks you will lead into your future.



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