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The Hidden Gem of a Friend

Theres thoughts speculating amongst the mist in foreign air, for his world resides in a blood torn base of the tragedies our hearts will not warm up to. His pain scalps the brisk hairs that stand on edge, as lead … Continue reading

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The Souls Contemporaneous with the Iris

Intentionally, or non intentionally we scan the eyes as we connect with those around us, perstistantly staring into ones iris constructing our present feelings. Whether it be basking in romance gazing into a lovers universe, or the positioning of a … Continue reading

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The Velvet Sky.

The life of India through a Voigtlander Color- Skopar 1 : 3.5/50

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Co-ordinated Ancestry.

A restless fount called upon in secrecy by the East; let not winds bare the views of tolerance within origin. Its approach, left souls dwelling as tare, dilapidated assembles torn from roots sworn of modernity’s promise. And thy chamber, impressed … Continue reading

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Why Beauty Matters

Originally posted on RCL Video Library:
Philosopher Roger Scruton presents a provocative essay on the importance of beauty in the arts and in our lives. In the 20th century, Scruton argues, art, architecture and music turned their backs on beauty,…

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Ancient Futures- New Philosopher

  A brief insight on the effects of modernisation with previous cultures. The ways of the west seen as unsustainable with its introduction of industrial measures and its ideologies around success, impacting severely the smaller communities cultural heritage along side challenging the cultural … Continue reading

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Where I am From

I am from canvas, poles pitched up beneath the universal wonders. I am from the grains of sand, as my toes gripped tenaciously to the artifacts of nature. I am from the gypsy lands of the Basque, a walk away … Continue reading

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As we gaze into the eyes of the one that seeks clarification, the scattered patterns perform a mystery of the lost Socrates. Thoughts becoming synchronistic with the memorable events, as time leads to the desperation of finding answers……Almost entitled to … Continue reading

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The Eating Being Edible!!

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Roll out, as the gypsies tidy up their stuff.

A deep breath, releasing relief into air that is pure. Soaking in the rays as busking in the sun turns into a career. The real eyes resolved, as reflection deep in to the subconscious saps out tasks that don’t matter. … Continue reading

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