As we gaze into the eyes of the one that seeks clarification, the scattered patterns perform a mystery of the lost Socrates. Thoughts becoming synchronistic with the memorable events, as time leads to the desperation of finding answers……Almost entitled to understand there is no clear cut answer, the one who seeks clarification becomes content with the search in his own time.

Lead to a feeling, the sights set towards the passionate energy, as understanding is like a whisper from the ancient philosopher himself, exposing the ethical concepts of the strange god. Corrupting his mind, his eyes possesses the truth. The deep gaze opinionated his personality, through dialogue that attempted to engage with others, casting mistrust and dishonourable attempts to reconcile. He was not lost, yet he was in an admirable state that drew him towards a course that could only set him free. A treasure that determines him from right or wrong.

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The Eating Being Edible!!

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Roll out, as the gypsies tidy up their stuff.

A deep breath, releasing relief into air that is pure. Soaking in the rays as busking in the sun turns into a career. The real eyes resolved, as reflection deep in to the subconscious saps out tasks that don’t matter. As the mind becomes still, breathing begins to slow. The bodies cells almost complementing the settling glitter particles in water, after ignorance has shaken the glass. As things begin to slow, the mind begins to see.

A Wednesday no better than a Saturday, no worse than a Monday. Time wraps itself around my body as days turn to a blur. The roll out has occurred, as wet clothes are slapped against the rocks, no cleaner than the body with salt crusts and clusters to the skin after the mornings dip. The sun has begun its day, and the worries dispersed… sinking far beyond our reach as letting go see’s no destination. The gypsies are tidying up their stuff, it is almost like their hearts are set to bongos. No clocks. No wisps of worry, no shoes, no negative foot prints as every step they deserve, longs for the truth on a real scale. Supported with love in their hearts, they do not turn back. No waiting, as the distant sun disappears into the moment…..continuing to feel their souls warmth as a calling upon the elements satisfies all.

As fire paves a smokey mist, it prompts those to ground their feet to the earth and dance. As the wind element carries their tender vocals across the foreign landscape, their consciousness accepting love, compassion and joy, expanding exponentially. Natures foundational grounds are purified with vibrational energy, as the gypsies mind manifests the balance of Yin and Yang.

The sun clasps tenaciously to the horizon, the rise, slower than usual. Its distinct rays of energy pass through the body as meditation takes a slower form. Breathing becomes slower. Life changes its pace. Staring into a universe that flickers through philosophical discussion drawing meaning to a conditioned life that feels ancient. Our minds reap what we deserve. As the gypsies roll out, their stuff is tidy. For every footstep they have taken towards an unknown destination, lives a truth behind why we exist as beings. Aspiring to move forward we work our inner psyche, making connections with the past as we wonder to better ourselves into the unknown future. As a world providing love and support for those who choose to feel and accept their path, a clear cut vision is presented, only to suppress the ego and feed the truth. The truth that lies within us all, as suffering within our own bodies isn’t hard enough. A walking mind that is pure, presents itself as wise. Seeking this wisdom, is a mind that cannot simply fathom the exploration of nothing. We as beings have beautiful minds, expanding our consciousness drawn out to create the magic for our ancient earth to grow exponentially. We as gypsies, roll out…our truths  discovered, we are nurtured by this earth, loved, supported, and accept the unknown destination. Providing the balance within our lives we as gypsies tidy up our stuff.

Our mind is pure, and there is no consequences for loving if we all love ourselves. Love to learn, and walk in harmony. X

Beau Devonshire.

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As we all aspire, we hopscotch to the horizon.

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Film By George Greenough

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Despite the fact that he hasn’t stood on a surfboard since 1961, George Greenough may be one of the most influential visionaries in modern surfing. Consider these examples: he is considered the inspiration for no less than the modern shortboard revolution, in-the-tube water photography and cinematography, and the modern high-aspect (wide base, narrow tip, deep rake) surfboard fin. Born (1941) in Santa Barbara, his father was heir to a railroad fortune and he was a descendent of noted American sculptor Horatio Greenough. Raised in an eclectic Montecito mansion (his infamous disdain for wearing shoes may have been nurtured during this time), open heart surgery as a pre-teen may have contributed to his position as an outsider among his peer group and turned his attention elsewhere mainly the ocean.

During the 1950s he cut his teeth surfing Santa Barbara’s pristine pointbreaks, including Hollister Ranch (the Hollister’s were family friends). But by the mid 1960s Greenough had spurned traditional surfboard designs, preferring inflatable mat-riding and home-made kneeboard spoons, specifically a revolutionary board he called Velo. Greenough took Velo and his tuna tail fin-inspired fin to Australia in 1965 and blew minds with his radical direction changes and gouging cutbacks.

Full bio from Grindtv, Yewww

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Co-founded by two fun loving Dutchies, Valerie Cook, and Tim Boffe… Jackflap is choice.


The very bright connecting the world’s change, as the growing community input their creative ideas to connect earths people, planet and life through sustainable shared projects. One life, love life, share life.

“Jackflap is about connecting projects around the world, these projects are made by people who inspire and create awareness through their life, work or company. Our goal is to reach at least 25 projects a year by travelling in an eco-friendly way. We will be blogging about every project and our mission is to create a community that contributes to the connection between people, our life and the planet.”

Get Flapping peeps……Share your projects and ideas to make the connection.

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