The Hidden Gem of a Friend

12718218_10154702448080260_5584179265972550003_nTheres thoughts speculating amongst the mist in foreign air, for his world resides in a blood torn base of the tragedies our hearts will not warm up to. His pain scalps the brisk hairs that stand on edge, as lead is sprayed or simply delivered. Symbolic bodies of those recognisable, somewhat collapse and wreathe with blood orange spills,  lapsing on the cold pavement where the unconscious ramble off…dazzled. Like the floating lead becomes the lost souls of a momentous promise, our hate mail is delivered in subtle but gentler doses. He, a cringe that ran for the 40 hours of hope in resemblance of a better life in the darkness, prosperous he still waits. Waits, and waits….for the fallen tears kissing the cheeks to drop like the loved ones on the same cold walkways every year in memory. An icon of sorrow is the hidden gem of a friend who painstakingly shared his story. Perhaps the hidden gems are prophets in life’s mystery, or rise into the warmth of an everyday presence. For this, I will leave you with a question…Is your gem warm or torn?


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The Souls Contemporaneous with the Iris

Katie Sudek- IrisIntentionally, or non intentionally we scan the eyes as we connect with those around us, perstistantly staring into ones iris constructing our present feelings. Whether it be basking in romance gazing into a lovers universe, or the positioning of a strangers pupils against the backdrop of colouration, the steady however ambiguous reality with the intention of being present, draws on why I am writing a blog titled, ‘The Souls Contemporaneous with the Iris’.


Having started this blog two years go, after completing a four month journey around India, I wondered why at this point of time I wish to complete what I have started. Two years ago, I remember asking my own soul, “What would it be like to abandon the eyes that sometimes misled me into irrational thought and afflictive emotions?” With my eyes closed, the answer I felt was the warmth of the Sahara’s sands, scratching the love from the physical realm I perceived as knowing. As this burning sensation buried deeper, I felt the pain that recollected in my heart from a persistent dream that spoke the truth about human existence or nature itself. My eyes were the souls of an astral counterpart that ascribed me to euphonies that called for help. Its only now, that I stand awakened with the grounding back on earth that brings courage in myself to intentionally look at someone that seeks desperately with their eyes for a better life. It does not seem safe to say that desperation in the eyes of another is nothing. Only scratching the surface of equality and equity with what ones pupils may see amongst living societies and cultures, corresponds to the built feelings of abandoning the souls purpose in the physical realm. For this, I felt the pain and struggles of those unfortunate enough to scurry around hourly amongst inadequate slums for food, shelter and water, the combination coinciding with Abraham Maslow’s theory of basic needs for survival. It showed in the way they looked at your soul through the iris, that both are contemporaneous with the marks you will lead into your future.



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The Velvet Sky.

The life of India through a Voigtlander Color- Skopar 1 : 3.5/50

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Co-ordinated Ancestry.

A restless fount called upon in secrecy by the East; let not winds bare the views of tolerance within origin.

Its approach, left souls dwelling as tare, dilapidated assembles torn from roots sworn of modernity’s promise.
And thy chamber, impressed by the measures of harassment; sitting cold in a landscape shielded by their own experiences.

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Why Beauty Matters

An amazing educational resource on Why Beauty Matters, presented by Roger Scruton.

RCL Video Library

Philosopher Roger Scruton presents a provocative essay on the importance of beauty in the arts and in our lives.

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Ancient Futures- New Philosopher


A brief insight on the effects of modernisation with previous cultures. The ways of the west seen as unsustainable with its introduction of industrial measures and its ideologies around success, impacting severely the smaller communities cultural heritage along side challenging the cultural identities of peoples beliefs norms and values. Based on the research and consecutive visits with monitoring the Ladakhs or “Little Tibets” environment, Helena Norberg- Hodge and John Page have produced numerous documentaries including the one displayed in the link below highlighting the importance of localism and challenging the views of globalisation also discussed in the recent award winning documentary “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Happy ‘Earth Day’ all, enjoy this one world and spread the word to collectively create a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

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Where I am From


I am from canvas, poles pitched up beneath the universal wonders. I am from the grains of sand, as my toes gripped tenaciously to the artifacts of nature. I am from the gypsy lands of the Basque, a walk away from civilization into my own sacred dreams.


I am from spilt resin, fiberglass and foam, from the docks of alternative lovers. I’m from the pretentious; a town’s mist of greed once loved, nurtured and cared for. I’m from a body of atoms, connectivity in a spiritual essence, peaceful, grounded and diverse.


I’m from a soul mixed of fire and water, red dirt turning to ochre. From the tastes of culture, an almond like ‘witjuti’ grub, cooked in hot ashes.


With my shoes left behind, soul in tact, a connection with the unknown becomes present. I am from these moments that dwindle the fear and prosper to create an enhanced life- Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


-Beau Devonshire
Livet Leker.


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As we gaze into the eyes of the one that seeks clarification, the scattered patterns perform a mystery of the lost Socrates. Thoughts becoming synchronistic with the memorable events, as time leads to the desperation of finding answers……Almost entitled to understand there is no clear cut answer, the one who seeks clarification becomes content with the search in his own time.

Lead to a feeling, the sights set towards the passionate energy, as understanding is like a whisper from the ancient philosopher himself, exposing the ethical concepts of the strange god. Corrupting his mind, his eyes possesses the truth. The deep gaze opinionated his personality, through dialogue that attempted to engage with others, casting mistrust and dishonourable attempts to reconcile. He was not lost, yet he was in an admirable state that drew him towards a course that could only set him free. A treasure that determines him from right or wrong.

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The Eating Being Edible!!

Screen shot 2012-09-10 at 10.53.29 PM

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Roll out, as the gypsies tidy up their stuff.

A deep breath, releasing relief into air that is pure. Soaking in the rays as busking in the sun turns into a career. The real eyes resolved, as reflection deep in to the subconscious saps out tasks that don’t matter. As the mind becomes still, breathing begins to slow. The bodies cells almost complementing the settling glitter particles in water, after ignorance has shaken the glass. As things begin to slow, the mind begins to see.

A Wednesday no better than a Saturday, no worse than a Monday. Time wraps itself around my body as days turn to a blur. The roll out has occurred, as wet clothes are slapped against the rocks, no cleaner than the body with salt crusts and clusters to the skin after the mornings dip. The sun has begun its day, and the worries dispersed… sinking far beyond our reach as letting go see’s no destination. The gypsies are tidying up their stuff, it is almost like their hearts are set to bongos. No clocks. No wisps of worry, no shoes, no negative foot prints as every step they deserve, longs for the truth on a real scale. Supported with love in their hearts, they do not turn back. No waiting, as the distant sun disappears into the moment…..continuing to feel their souls warmth as a calling upon the elements satisfies all.

As fire paves a smokey mist, it prompts those to ground their feet to the earth and dance. As the wind element carries their tender vocals across the foreign landscape, their consciousness accepting love, compassion and joy, expanding exponentially. Natures foundational grounds are purified with vibrational energy, as the gypsies mind manifests the balance of Yin and Yang.

The sun clasps tenaciously to the horizon, the rise, slower than usual. Its distinct rays of energy pass through the body as meditation takes a slower form. Breathing becomes slower. Life changes its pace. Staring into a universe that flickers through philosophical discussion drawing meaning to a conditioned life that feels ancient. Our minds reap what we deserve. As the gypsies roll out, their stuff is tidy. For every footstep they have taken towards an unknown destination, lives a truth behind why we exist as beings. Aspiring to move forward we work our inner psyche, making connections with the past as we wonder to better ourselves into the unknown future. As a world providing love and support for those who choose to feel and accept their path, a clear cut vision is presented, only to suppress the ego and feed the truth. The truth that lies within us all, as suffering within our own bodies isn’t hard enough. A walking mind that is pure, presents itself as wise. Seeking this wisdom, is a mind that cannot simply fathom the exploration of nothing. We as beings have beautiful minds, expanding our consciousness drawn out to create the magic for our ancient earth to grow exponentially. We as gypsies, roll out…our truths  discovered, we are nurtured by this earth, loved, supported, and accept the unknown destination. Providing the balance within our lives we as gypsies tidy up our stuff.

Our mind is pure, and there is no consequences for loving if we all love ourselves. Love to learn, and walk in harmony. X

Beau Devonshire.

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